Following Clare’s 2014 “exquisite debut Shelter” (Colm O’Hare, Hot Press, 2014) Clare has been busy writing and recording music for her upcoming album ‘Outside’ in Brick Hill Studios, Orleans, Massachusetts, USA ​with producer Jon Evans. On the 22nd of June, Clare will release her new single ‘A World’ from her dramatic collection of new music.
Fueled by the story of her songs, Clare adopts an imaginative approach to her singing. Speaking about her new music, Clare says experimenting to broaden the scope of her sound was at the heart of this musical journey, both in the recording studio where she looked to capture the energy and passion of a live performance and through the use of her voice with a collection of songs culminating in an album best described as a ‘Genre Outlaw’. Both lyrically and musically, the single ‘A World’ explores the contradictory elements of this world. On the one hand, one can be overwhelmed by beauty and, on the other, one can be stunned into silence by mans' grotesque violence. The character in this song seems very aware of how events influence her inner world ‘I ride a parallel of opposites as mood dictates the lane'. The new album Outside, set to be released later this year,​ is a collection of passionate yet sensuous, intense yet playful, haunting yet joyous songs that examines the polar opposites of life with cinematic clarity and beauty.
SHELTER (2014) Debut Album by Clare O'Riordan An effortlessly eclectic offering, fuses elements of rock, jazz, blues and folk recounted with soul..."EXQUISITE DEBUT FROM CORK CHANTEUSE" (Colm O'Hare, Hot Press, October 2014) WHAT'S BEING SAID Shelter is full of beautiful songs, sung with that amazing voice of hers” (Fiachna Ó Braonáin, Late Date. RTE RADIO 1… 24/8/2014). “I’ve never stopped playing [this album] since I got it. It's absolutely brilliant, a cracking album” (Bill Mitton, AllFM 96.9, A6 FOLK AND BLUES ROAD,  24-8-14.mp3 (102.5MB) Manchester, UK……24/08/2014). “Beautiful smokey voice" (Cathal Murray, Weekend On One, RTE RADIO 1…..16/08/2014). “Gorgeous dark soulful voice” ……….“superbly crafted originals” (Noel Casey, After Midnight, DUBLIN CITY FM….07/2014). HOT PRESS MAGAZINE REVIEW (October, 2014)​ Clare O'Riordan’s debut album Shelter receives a 7 star rating from Colm O’ Hare. A few lines include: "EXQUISITE DEBUT FROM CORK CHANTEUSE…….Clare O’Riordan has gone against the grain… on a debut that oozes self-assurance. Her voice and singing style are reminiscent of Joan Armatrading….Backed by a crack troupe of musicians, the tunes are a nice mix of smooth jazz, light funk and piano-based balladry – all exquisitely performed and deftly arranged. From the smoky, whispered ‘Home’ to the funky upbeat ‘Fire’….Clare truly hits the vocal heights on the sublime, sumptuous ballad ‘You’re The Man’…one of the many reasons to hear this excellent album. (Hot Press, P. 86, Vo. 38. Issue 17, Oct 01 2014). READ THE FULL REVIEW ON THE HOT PRESS WEBSITE HERE. ABOUT THE ALBUM SHELTER: (Sample the album here). “Love never leaves, just sometimes it hides” (Shelter, Track 6). Cork musician and singer/songwriter Clare O’Riordan released her independent debut album Shelter in the Summer of 2014. Launched on the 8th August in the Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Clare gave an enthralling live performance. Shelter, an effortlessly eclectic offering, fuses elements of rock, jazz, blues and folk recounted with soul. This broad spectrum of styles is highly characteristic of her approach to songwriting that is “to write music that defies definition and boundaries, but appeals to the universal”, says Clare. Clare's distinctive vocal and piano sound permeate this eleven track album. She tells her stories “superbly crafted originals” with a “gorgeous dark soulful voice” (Noel Casey, Dublin City FM) reminiscent of both Annie Lennox and Joan Armatrading. In Shelter, Clare takes a mystical journey while examining the darkness on the edge of her being. “I took a look inside, I opened the place where the past lies,Let it all out to play and I watch as it fades away” (Home, Track 1). Soulful tracks such as ‘Home’ are delivered with a voice described by Cathal Murray as “beautiful” and “smokey”. ( Cathal Murray, Weekend on One, RTE RADIO 1). In her approach to songwriting Clare finds life itself and the people that she meets her greatest creative inspiration. "It all begins with a feeling, the creative process happens when I'm swept along in a moment and all that exists is the song” says Clare. Empathy plays a significant role in Clare’s songwriting demonstrated by tracks such as Angel, a hauntingly beautiful song inspired by the life and tragic death of a beautiful person.“All you see is the shadow of your wings as your waiting for your dawn, Hold on your dawn will come” (Angel, Track 9). Since the album launch date, the tracks 'Angel' and ‘Home’ has been very well received and have been aired numerous times on RTE RADIO 1 as well as independent radio stations both at home and abroad (for more see the News section). 'Home' also featured on RTE's Radio 1 recommended listening section..'Have a Listen' ..for a number of weeks...see RTE RADIO 1's archive here. Listen to the song 'Home' here. In all, each and every track on this album is considered and emotive. What really gels the album together is the beauty, power and dynamism in Clare’s voice and distinct vocal approach to each song. “[Shelter] is full of beautiful songs, sung with that amazing voice of hers” (Fiachna Ó Braonáin, Late Date. RTE RADIO 1) THE RECORDING AND PRODUCTION OF SHELTER: Shelter is an independent debut release by singer/songwriter Clare O'Riordan. The album was co-produced by Clare and Donnacha Moynihan and was recorded and mixed in the Rise Studio in Cork. It was mastered by L.A. based Ruairí O’Flaherty, string arrangements were written by Deirdre Moynihan

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  ALBUM AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NOW! ONLINE from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and SELECT IRISH STORES including: Plugd Records, Cork Rollercoaster Records, Kilkenny Dingle Record Shop, Kerry Tower Records, Dublin Sound Cellar, Dublin Spindizzy Records, Dublin Freebird Records, Dublin Celtic Note, Dublin.

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Would love to see you at the brilliant venue the Kino Washington Street for "The Kino Sessions with Clare O' Riordan and Friends' this Sunday the 30th of September FREE ENTRY. This Sunday I'm delighted that Cork singer/songwriter Hope will be my guest. Hope DeenyI'm learning how to find my home, How to find my home, And there's a warmth inside, And there I can be alive. I'm learning how to close the doors behind, And... ...

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Thanks a million Fiachna Ó Braonáin for the spin last night on RTE Radio 1. Delighted to be in such great company on the fabulous Late Date. Thanks also for mentioning my gig tonight in the Kino Cork!

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Thanks a million Fiachna Ó Braonáin for playing my single on your great show late Date on RTE Radio 1 last night!A World' - a brand new single from Irish singer/songwriter Clare O'Riordan's forthcoming album 'Outside' - produced by Jon Evans, Brick Hill Studios, Orleans... ...

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A Big Thank You to Cathal Murray for giving my song 'A World' a spin on Late Date on Radio 1 last night!A World' - a brand new single from Irish singer/songwriter Clare O'Riordan's forthcoming album 'Outside' - produced by Jon Evans, Brick Hill Studios, Orleans... ...

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Great fun singing in Counihans with Arundo last night. I played with Arundo for over two years going back and it was always a pleasure. If you want to catch me singing live come to An Spailpin Fanach this Friday July 27th, doors 8:30. The wonderful Lynda Cullen is opening the show.

Clare O’Riordan Clareoriordanmusic sang this singular version of Raglan Road with us at Counihans last night. It was wonderful to have her back on stage with us, and we are so pleased that Clare will be performing her new single, A World, at An Spailpin Fanach Cork, this Friday, July 27th at 8.30pm. Lynda Cullen will be opening the show. Not to be missed!

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